Scott Scripter

Class of 2017

One day, a small thirteen-year-old boy walked into Greenville Senior High School with no real direction. He didn’t know how to play an instrument or how to sing. He wasn’t very athletic or very outgoing, but he did find himself interested in trying out Theatre. He still had no idea what he wanted to do, but decided signing up to participate in the next play could be fun. After some debate with himself, he signed up to work in the scene shop for Pride and Prejudice. Fast forward eight years: that same kid is a senior in college who has participated all those eight years on and off stage as either an actor or technician.

Theatre provided me with an experience I would have never found anywhere else and I was blessed to continue my involvement after high school here at Alma College. It has provided me with life long connections and opportunities I would have never thought would be provided for me. The theatre program here has provided me hands-on experience in lighting, sound and set construction further past my high school experience. I have also had the opportunity to be employed in as a student technician in Presbyterian Performance Hall. This later lead to me being a co-assistant technical director for that facility. Working here, I have learned a lot about lighting and sound design; as well as board operations both during and outside of shows. Theatre, like all other areas of study, has it’s learning curves and language that correlate with jobs outside of school. Though I am not a theatre major or minor, I have gained more than adequate skills to be able to work in theatre after college. With that, I cannot be more thankful for all the opportunities and experience provided for myself and other students here at Alma College.

Story published on October 28, 2016