Reanna Averill is blogging her study abroad in South Korea

Reanna Averill, a double major in history and anthropology, traveled to South Korea in June to begin her study abroad at Ehwa Women’s University.  She is maintaining a blog where you can find out about what her experiences have been like.

Over the course of her time in college Reanna Averill’s interests in history and culture have focused in on Asia, and particularly on South Korea.  This year she decided to take the plunge and head to South Korea to learn more about it in person. 

Reanna Averill with friends in South Korea.Reanna Averill with friends in South Korea.

Reanna is spending her summer and fall terms in South Korea this year, at Ehwa Women’s University.  In addition to taking courses on Korean history and culture, Reanna is taking Korean language courses, and even a class in ceramics. 


Reanna's notes from Korean Language class.Reanna's notes from Korean Language class.

In addition to classwork Reanna is spending lots of time getting out and exploring South Korea, and taking lots of great photos to share with us back in Alma.  If you are curious about what it’s like to study abroad, or you want to learn more about Korean food, music, amusement parks and more. 

Reanna's blog is full of food photos - this is Korean barbecue!Reanna's blog is full of food photos - this is Korean barbecue!


If you are interested in studying abroad while at Alma College, check out our Off Campus Study website and get in touch with Carla Jensen to find out what it takes to get to where you want to go. Reanna used her Venture Grant to help fund her trip, you can too!

Story published on August 24, 2016