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Introducing: ‘The Tartan: The Magazine of Alma College’

With the fall 2016 issue, we are excited to introduce a new name for the Alma College magazine: ‘The Tartan.’

One must tread carefully when considering a change of any entity with a history that spans decades. For 35 years, Accents has been a consistent and faithful friend, arriving in mailboxes with news from campus, profiles of alumni and features that illustrate the relevancy and distinctiveness of an Alma College education.

The origin of the Accents name dates to 1981, when then new president Oscar Remick, succeeding Robert Swanson, told alumni that “it has been an exciting transition from one era to another, a new time with new accents.” The reference to “accents” stuck and has remained the title of our magazine all these many years. However, for many people, the name didn’t have an intuitive connection to the identity of the college.

With the college’s recent marketing efforts that emphasize the Alma Tartan, the time seems ripe to extend the brand to the college magazine. We believe The Tartan will be a name that acknowledges the college’s Scottish heritage and, for alumni, instantly prompts memories of their alma mater.

The Alma Tartan is distinctive. Many know the story: In 1996, the college developed its own tartan in Scotland; it was officially registered on Sept. 28, 1999, with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Since then it has been entered in the International Registry of Tartans — an arm of the International Association of Tartan Studies.

Unique and exclusive to Alma College, the Alma Tartan is a key visual element in the college’s identity. You see it in our marching band uniforms and choir attire. You see it highlighted on the college website and social media pages. You see it in our marketing materials. Want some tartan fabric of your own? It’s now available by the yard from the Alma College Bookstore.

The Tartan, we believe, provides a clear and unmistakable reflection on the distinctiveness of Alma College. While the name of our magazine has changed, our desire to remain connected with our alumni and friends continues. The editorial content that celebrates the mission and outcomes of the Alma experience will continue front and center.

Mike Silverthorn
Editor, The Tartan

Story published on August 15, 2016