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Civil Rights/Title IX Online Reporting Form

Filling out this form serves as official notice to Alma College of a report of discrimination and/or harassment/misconduct. The information you share in this report will be submitted directly to the Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator to initiate a preliminary investigation into the information and allegations reported.

In the event that you suspect that there is a present threat of harm or danger:

Please dial 911

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Kevin Carmody, Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator
(989) 463-7467

If you wish to contact a confidential resource, please contact one of the following:

Counseling and Wellness Center – (989) 463-7225

Wilcox Medical Center – (989) 463-7181

Chaplain – (989) 463-7981

Women’s Aid Services (24-hour crisis line) – (989) 463-6014

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(Please write ANONYMOUS if you wish to remain anonymous. Please note that anonymous reports may limit the College’s ability to address the behavior reported. Staff who are mandated reporters must share their names.)
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Who else, if anyone, has this been reported to? (Check all that apply)
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Does the reporting party/survivor want the College to follow up on this matter? (Please note: the College may be obligated to follow up regardless of the answer below) (Required)*
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