Advancement Office

Constituent Information Request

The Advancement Office acknowledges the need for our partners to have reasonable access to the contact information of alumni, parents, and friends when assisting with efforts that directly benefit Alma College and our constituents.

To request information, please read the following information and complete the form below.

In accordance with Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) standards, we will:
  • Safeguard and respect donor and prospective donor information;
  • Honor the wishes of an individual and/or organizational constituent with regard to how directory information and/or giving history is used;
  • Record and keep only information relevant to cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship;
  • Identify the source of retained information;
  • Safeguard prospective donor, donor, and other constituent lists compiled by the institution as the property of the institution; these lists may not be distributed or used for unauthorized purposes or for personal gain;
  • Make every effort to ensure that volunteers, vendors, and external entities with access to constituent information understand and agree to comply with the organization’s confidentiality and public disclosure policies.

If you are looking for information for a specific individual and/or your efforts are not connected with the college, we recommend that you first try to find your friends through other alumni or through a quick internet search (our favorites: LinkedIn.comGoogleFacebook, and the White Pages). Then, contact us if you still can’t find them— we can pass your information along.

In receiving this information the recipient agrees to the following: 
  • Adherence to the terms outlined in the Confidentiality of Records and Information Form
  • Contact information can be utilized for a variety of reasons: sharing information and news, providing updates on activities and programs, extending invitations to events, etc. Requested information cannot be used to solicit donations or for personal gain. 
  • The information may not be divulged, disseminated, or sold. 
  • Any email communication must be sent individually or by Blind Carbon Copy to protect privacy. 
  • Disclosure of this information to unauthorized parties could violate the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). All information received must only be used for the sole purpose stated in the information request and then destroyed in a secure manner. Data should never be used for communication that is not approved by the college.
  • Please allow 5 business days for processing. All provided data has a 30-day expiration. If more than 30 days have passed since the data was provided, the requester should destroy the provided data in a secure manner and request new information.
  • In exchange for this information, it is expected that any and all updates to contact information are shared with the Advancement Office at (800) 291-1312 or

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By checking this box you agree to the terms of the Confidentiality of Records and Information Form.*
Please see link above for form.