Darryll Stinson: You’re Enough!: A Game-Changing Mental Health Belief

7:00pm - 8:00pm EDT March 21

Location: Dunning Memorial Chapel

Join us as we welcome Darryll Stinson, he is a 2xTEDx speaker, philanthropist, best-selling author, and father to three amazing daughters. Darryll played Division 1 football at Central Michigan University where
he won a MAC championship.
Society has lied to us. The world has told us that we’ll be enough when we graduate magna cum laude, land that high-paying job, or reach the top of the socio-economic classes. These are all great endeavors, but they can mislead us if we’re not careful. Throughout this program, you’ll hear how fighting chronic depression and selling drugs across campus as a D1 athlete on a historic football team led Darryll to multiple suicide attempts, all because he never felt like he was enough. You’ll hear how he overcame mental health stigmas to become a successful entrepreneur and family man. This event is sponsored by Alma College’s Wilcox Health Center, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Athletics, and Active Minds Chapter.