Diversity & Inclusion Office

Understanding Blackness: Appreciation vs Appropriation

1:00pm - 2:00pm EST February 5

Location: Swanson Academic Center (SAC), SAC 113

The Diversity and Inclusion Office and Black Student Union are collaborating in hosting a panel of Black identifying students who will answer commonly asked questions freely and openly in a structured, but informal format. All questions may be anonymously submitted to tinyurl.com/understandingblackness

It’s sometimes hard to ask questions regarding race or Blackness because maybe we feel like we’re being judged or that the wording of the question is wrong or that we’ll be called out. The goal of this session is to create a safe space to ask questions with the option of anonymous online submissions to curb some of those anxieties. Being able to understand someone else’s culture is one of the first steps to being able to advocate for social equity. Come listen and learn with us!

Free and open to the public