Provost’s Office

Spring Term Planning Meeting: HST 180 (Washington DC)

7:00pm - 8:00pm EDT October 17

Location: Swanson Academic Center (SAC), SAC 108

HST 180  
Number of students:  12 
Instructor:  L. Bu 
COST: $1000 in addition to Spring Term fees 

This course examines the relations of clothes and identities in a historical study.  It will focus on America, but provide comparative perspectives as well.  We will explore clothes-wearing in relation to social status, gender roles, cultural identities, political statement, occupational identities, and so on.  This study of the social history of clothes will also investigate how technology affects clothing and people’s conception and consumption of clothes. Students will learn and analyze what clothes say about who we are or who we think we are, and how the way people dress communicates messages about our identity and our engagement in social, cultural, economic and political matters. 
We will spend One Week in Washington D.C. to conduct research at museums and attend lectures.   
Costs of travel to Washington, D.C. is approximately $1000, covering hotels, air and ground transportation, and museum fees when applicable. 

Free and open to the campus community