Provost’s Office

Spring Term Planning Meeting: ENV 180 Environmental Studies and Mythology of Rhodes

7:00pm - 8:00pm EDT October 17

Location: Swanson Academic Center (SAC), SAC 307

Instructor: M. Borrello

Aide:  D. Borrello

COST: $4700* in addition to Spring Term fees

*This cost is a maximum estimate given information available on 28 September, 2021


Description:  ENV 180/ENG 180 is an experience on the historic island of Rhodes, one of many Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.  Students will be based in old-town Rhodes, a perfectly preserved Medieval city which has a rich history of Christian, Jewish, and Islamic influences built upon and connected with ancient Greek architecture.  Day trips will include excursions to historic sites and ruins of ancient Greek and early Christian importance.  ENV 180 students will study the sustainable operations of an island in the Aegean from both ancient and modern perspectives.  Resource management, sustainable food production, and waste handling will consist of some of the topics covered.  Special attention will be paid to the historic, cultural, and environmental influences surrounding food production and an Aegean / Mediterranean diet.  Outcomes include:  understanding and experiencing the role of mythology in the ancient and recent cultures that exist in Rhodes; diving into the literature that describes the history and humanity of one of the most important and influential cultures in history; experiencing some of the environmental stresses in an area with limited resources and a high demand for tourism.

Free and open to the campus community