Zen Flow Yoga

9:00am - 10:00am EDT May 12

Location: Recreation Center, Multipurpose Room

Zen Flow is an all-level class, designed for all bodies, that combines restorative yin poses, with flowing vinyasa poses. In yin yoga, we typically hold specific poses for deeper stretching, about 3-5 minutes. Vinyasa yoga is moving fluidly from pose to pose, with the breath. If Zen is taught in the evening, class starts with 15-20 minutes of vinyasa flow and then 15-20 minutes of yin to set a calm mood for the evening. If a class is taught in the morning, class starts with yin to wake up, and vinyasa to energize you for the day. Class ends with a 10-15 minute savasana, or quiet resting. This class is meant to engage the breath with movement to deepen the relationship with the self and that around you.

There will be a class capacity of 9 individuals, with a virtual class option available as well. Please remember to wear a mask at all times during this class! Yoga mats will be available to use, or you can bring your own Yoga mat for this class!

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Free and open to the public