Library Study Carrel Sign Ups

7:00am - 11:55pm EST January 15

Location: Library

Library study carrel sign ups for the fall term will begin Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  500, 499, 399 and 400 level courses are priority levels.  Request forms may be picked up at the Library front desk.  See event details for more information.

Alma College students may reserve a study carrel for one term.

Priority will be given to students doing extensive research, and/or those whose course work would be facilitated by having a place to assemble materials at the library. 

Students in the first priority category include those who are:

- enrolled in a 500-level course (senior thesis)

- enrolled in a 399 or 499 course (upper level independent study)

- enrolled in a 400-level course


*Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

 Students seeking an exception to the three specified priority categories must get 
 permission from Angie Kelleher, Access Services Librarian, in person.


Students in the 1st priority category will be allowed to sign up for carrels during the first 2 days of regular classes(Tuesday, January 19th  Wednesday, January 20th).


The remaining carrels will be open for sign-up beginning the third day of classes on Thursday, January 21st. Carrel assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.


Students requesting a carrel must completely fill out the Carrel Request Form (available at the Library Main Desk). This includes obtaining the signature of the professor who is overseeing the students’ research


Once the form is complete, meets criteria, and has been turned in to the Main Desk, Beth Jachimiak, Library Office Associate, will process the request and notify the student of their carrel assignment through email. If the requested carrel is not available, a carrel nearest to that location will be assigned until all available carrels have been filled.


New carrel sign-up timeline:

 1.    Carrel request forms available beginning on Tuesday, January 19th

(Anyone can pick up carrel request forms)

 2.    Only people in the 1st priority category can submit their forms on Tuesday, January 19th and Wednesday, January 20th.

3. When the library opens on the third day of classes, Thursday, January 21st   everyone else can turn carrel request forms in. (Students may want to wait to fill in their requested carrel number on the form, so that they can see what numbers are still available). 

  Please feel free to contact Beth Jachimiak or Angie Kelleher with questions.

Free and open to the campus community