Weather Maps & Radar

6:00pm - 7:00pm EST December 30

Location: Microsoft Teams

Discuss weather maps with The Weather Club!

Continuing our 2020 Winter Break series, we will be discussing weather maps. Since weather maps can be confusing, we will discuss how to read a weather map and what each color and symbol means. (Note that this meeting is on a Wednesday. This is because of New Year’s Eve falling on the fifth Thursday of the month.)

To join, click here:

If you are not in The Weather Club, you may need to temporarily join our Microsoft Team to join the meeting.


For more information or any technological issues you may encounter, please don’t hesitate to contact AdoniJah Kobetic ( or text MAPS to 231-282-9726.

If you would like to join The Weather Club, text WEATHER to 231-282-9726.

This meeting is not required.

Free and open to the campus community