Let’s Talk

4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT April 12, 2021

Location: Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Let’s Talk is a brief consultation, usually 20 minutes or less, with a licensed counselor.

Let’s Talk is brief consultation, usually 20 minutes or less with a licensed counselor. Let’s Talk is a place for students to talk about concerns and receive consultation, suggestions about solutions, learn of resources, and gain perspective on their concerns. It is confidential and completely free!   Sign up by sending an email to the and ask for a specific time. The options are 4:00, 4:20, or 4:40. If all slots are full, you will receive an email back and could sign up for another day. The counselor for that day will then contact you via Microsoft Teams if your time is available. For more information on Teams, read the Information Technology Services Office 365 How To.

Free and open to the public