“Can I Touch Your Hair?”: Engaging Racial Microaggressions

3:30pm - 5:30pm EST January 20

Location: Swanson Academic Center (SAC) 110

Join us on MLK Day for “Can I Touch Your Hair?”–an interactive racial justice workshop designed to promote courageous conversations about the racial biases we encounter in our everyday lives. Everyone is welcome!

Microaggressions are subtle and/or unintentional statements or actions that marginalized groups experience in their everyday lives. Participants will engage in a series of exercises and dialogues in order to unpack stereotypes, microaggressions, and racial bias. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of the impact of everyday racial bias and some tools for confronting it on our campus. As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision for social justice and civil rights, let’s engage in courageous conversations about the work we can do to be intentionally inclusive. 

Free and open to the public