Alma College Theatre Presents: ’44 Days’

7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT May 23

Location: Remick Hiertage Center, Strosacker Theatre

Flint, Michigan, is more than that town with water problems. It is a city with a rich history of contribution to the golden age of industry in America and to the labor movement. On Dec. 30, 1936, in a true David versus Goliath confrontation, frustrated auto workers occupied the Fisher Body 1 plant and held it and other plants in the massive GM complex for 44 days in a successful effort to bring the world’s most powerful auto company to the negotiating table. Strikers held out through freezing weather, police assaults, and National Guard surveillance to establish the United Auto Workers as the bargaining unit for auto workers throughout north America and brought a higher standard of living to laborers for generations.

All tickets are free. There is no reserved seating. First come, first served.

Free and open to the public