Senior Gift Contribution

11:00am - 1:30pm EDT April 3

Location: Sign the list at SAGA or by contacting 19’ Student Congress Executive Council


Contribute to the senior gift of beautifying the outside of the Wellness Center/Wilcox Medical Center.  See a member of 19’ StuCo EC outside of SAGA to commit your interest. 

Leave YOUR mark on campus!!

If you would like to contribute to the senior gift, come sign the form to allow your security deposit to be used for this project. Possible outcomes of this gift, based off total money raised, could include new chairs/picnic tables, a sidewalk along the fense to the Wellness Center, trees and flowers, or a new fireplace. 

Contact the Senior Class StuCo EC if you would like to contribute: Lauren Kucharczyk, Alyssa Mohr, Linnea Peterson

Free and open to the public