Poverty Simulation

6:30pm - 8:30pm EDT March 19

Location: Tyler-Van Dusen , Commons North & South

Poverty Simulation hosted by Alma College Nursing

During the Poverty Simulation, you will take on the identity of someone who lives in poverty. You will work together with your family to live a month in poverty. Your Simulated “community” is a large room. You and your neighbors’ “homes” are chairs in the center. The services you need like banks, schools and grocery stores are tables that line the perimeter of the room. 

When & Where?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019.


VanDusen Center


Alma College students and staff.


Poverty is a reality for many individuals and families. But unless you’ve experienced poverty, it’s difficult to truly understand. The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) bridges that gap from misconception to understanding. CAPS is an interactive immersion experience. It sensitizes community participants to the realities of poverty.

Free and open to the campus community