Computer Science Faculty Candidate Campus Presentation

3:00pm - 4:00pm EST December 11, 2018

Location: Swanson Academic Center (SAC), SAC 109

Computer Science faculty candidate Dr. Samuel Hawkins will give research presentation titled “Lung CT Radiomics: An Overview of Using Images as Data ”. 3:00-4:00pm in SAC 109


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death. This talk focuses on making predictions from lung CT scans. Building predictive models based on medical images is the basis of the field of radiomics.  A model will be presented that predicts long-term survival versus short-term survival of forty adenocarcinoma patients. Another model will be presented that predicts whether suspicious nodules are benign or malignant. These predictive models will help to provide decision support to medical practitioners.

Free and open to the public