Lifelong Learning

Providing educational experiences beyond the traditional undergraduate degree. 

Since 1886, Alma College has worked to address a need within the state and local community for individuals who can think critically, serve generously, and lead purposefully and to fulfill the vision of our forbearers to achieve the society they envisioned for themselves and future generations. In spite of the progress made towards achieving that vision during the last 125, those needs, like our global community, have evolved. This evolution necessitates a corresponding evolution and expansion of the educational opportunities Alma College offers to not only its students, but also to its alumni, parents, friends, and to the broader community.

Although Alma College’s faculty provide the expertise, the knowledge, and the pedagogy that comprise the cornerstone of the institution, the Lifelong Learning initiative seeks to compliment this by harnessing the collective knowledge and experience embedded within the college’s 125-year old network of thinkers, doers, and leaders. Lifelong learning extends the college’s brand of personalized, experiential learning through a broader range of non-credit bearing learning experiences.

Live, Lead, Serve Continuing Education Series

This series is for those seeking more comprehensive, focused professional and personal development. Offerings include short-courses, seminars, certificate programs, and experiential learning opportunities utilizing in-person, online, and hybrid formats.

Tartan Talks Webinar Series

This webinar series is designed for alumni, parents and friends of Alma College seeking personal enrichment or professional development in a range of topics on a small, “bite-sized” scale. These 40-60 minute webinars provide introductory insights, entry level knowledge, and expert advice on a host of topics to support personal success and well-being.

1886 Literary Society

The 1886 Literary Society takes the traditional book club and moves it online. Alma College faculty and staff serve as hosts of monthly online book clubs featuring books of their choice. Participants are invited to review scheduled selections and sign up for a month that captures their interest. Just like a typical book club, participants are expected to acquire and read a copy of the month’s book selection ahead of weekly discussions. The difference in this series, is that the participants will change each month. Individuals sign up to participate a month a time, with participation limited to 15 individuals per month in order to support an engaging online experience for all involved.

Leading Purposefully Podcasts

A central tenet of Alma College’s mission is to prepare individuals to lead purposefully within their life’s journey. Inherent in our commitment to fulfilling this mission is the acknowledgment that leadership is not reserved for the select few nor is it position specific. Rather, leadership is a responsibility enacted daily by individuals of all ages, in all manner of contexts. Premiering in fall 2021, this series is an opportunity to learn with and from those who strive to lead purposefully in their day-to-day life.