The Archives Collection was established by Librarian Larry Hall in the 1970’s and consists primarily of unpublished materials relating to the history of the college.

Statement of Purpose

The Alma College Archives, located within the Alma College Library, serves to collect, preserve, organize and make accessible information relating to the history of the College dating back to the founding in 1886. The Archives contain inactive records from Alma College faculty, alumni, departments, and organizations. Primarily it contains unpublished records of historical content. Records are kept in archival quality storage in a controlled environment. Access for research purposes may be permitted through a request at the Alma College Library.

Collection Policy

Donations may be considered for the Alma College Archives by contacting the Special Collections Specialist. Items should be unpublished and relevant to the history of Alma College. If donations do not fit with our collection policies, items will be returned or disposed of per directions of the donor. Published works will be considered for possible inclusion to the Alma College Closed Collection.

Hours/ Contact Information

Mon-Fri 9 am -4 pm

Appointments preferred

Please contact Matthew Collins

(989) 463-7342