Study Carrels

Those cool little desks you see throughout the library - want to know how to get one?

Alma College faculty, staff and students may reserve a study carrel for one term.

  • Priority is given to students doing extensive research, and/or those whose course work would be facilitated by having a place to assemble materials at the library. 
  • These students include those working on a senior thesis or independent study, and/or enrolled in a 400-level or higher course.  (Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.) 
  • Students in these categories will be allowed to sign up for carrels during the first couple days of regular classes, and the remaining carrels will be open for sign-up following those days.
  • Keep your eyes open for announcements on campus electronic kiosks for important dates and announcements regarding carrels at the beginning of terms. 

How do you get one?

  • Students requesting a carrel must fill out the Carrel Request Form (available at the Circulation Desk), including their name, their email address, the requested carrel number, the date and the signature of an Alma College Professor. Students must also initial that they have read all rules and guidelines pertaining to being assigned a study carrel. 
  • Once the form has been turned in to the Circulation Desk, the library staff will process the request and notify the patron of his/her carrel assignment. If the requested carrel is not available, the library staff will assign a carrel in a nearby location.
  • Carrel assignments are generally made on a first-come, first-served basis.