Highland Arts

Highland Dance Scholarship

We believe in rewarding excellent performance. Because of our Scottish heritage, one of our special scholarships focuses on Highland dance.

Scholarship Requirements:

Scholarships are renewable annually for four years. Scholarship recipients are expected to enroll in the Kiltie Dancers performing group every semester, to participate in performances and professional development events, and to maintain good academic standards.

Scholarship Amounts:

  • Freshmen: $1,500
  • Sophomores: $1,500
  • Juniors: $1,500
  • Seniors: $1,500
  • Distinguished Scholarship Award in Highland Dancing (All Students): Up to $15,000

Audition Information:

Candidates will be evaluated on the following:

  • Technical skill and proficiency
  • Artistic and performance ability
  • Ability to learn choreography

Candidates will be asked to perform steps and movements from the following dances:

  • Highland Fling
  • Sword Dance
  • Seann Triubhas
  • Championship Reel

Candidates will be asked to perform an original choreography that is based on Highland Dancing Technique. The choreography may be performed to Celtic or non-Celtic music and may integrate other dance forms and techniques. The choreography should be 2–3 minutes in length.