Choir Giving Circle


Dr. Will Nichols and Co-Chairs Christine Kohn ’75 and Joy Tahaney ’86 invite the alumni of the Alma Choirs to participate in an exciting new initiative: the Alma Choirs Giving Circle.

What is a Giving Circle? 

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A giving circle is a group of volunteers who donate and pool funds to support a cause about which they are passionate. This engagement model empowers us to again harmonize our efforts — this time across all generations — to raise substantial resources for the Alma Choirs.

The needs for support are real – to meet the rising costs of choir tours, to offer financial assistance to singers who struggle to cover the cost of overseas choir travel, and to enhance the choir’s web presence – and they have led us to set an audacious fundraising goal. The Alma Choirs Giving Circle surpassed its original fundraising goal of $50,000. With your help, we hope to raise well over our stretch goal of $75,000.

$81,000 / $75,000 Goal met!

 Christine Kohn “From singing in my first Alma College Choir concert in 1971 to my daughter Laura’s final concert in 2010, and my son David’s concerts in between, our choir experiences were a treasured part of our family’s time at Alma College. By supporting the Alma Choirs Giving Circle, you can help secure these same life-molding experiences for future generations!” — Christine Kohn ’75, Giving Circle Co-Chair (pictured left)

Join us at Homecoming 2017

Save the date for Friday, September 29, 2017 for a special Alma Choirs reunion and celebration held during the 2017 Homecoming festivities. Alumni of all choir ensembles will gather for a reunion and update on the choir program from Dr. Will Nichols, and to celebrate the Giving Circle.

Joy Tahaney, co-chair of the Choir Giving Circle “Like so many Alma College students, my experience in the Alma College choral program has had an extraordinary effect not only on my time at Alma, but in all the years since then. The Alma community is justly proud of our exceptional choirs, and the time is ripe to invest in the program’s ongoing growth and exposure. The Alma Choirs Giving Circle provides a unique opportunity for us to further build and support this very visible example of Alma College’s liberal arts excellence, giving back to a program that gave — and continues to give — so much to us.” — Joy Tahaney ’86, Giving Circle Co-Chair

  • <div class="lw_blurbs_body"><p><em>“The students of the Alma Choirs and I have shared many remarkable moments – in concerts across the United States and around the world, and in thousands of afternoon rehearsals in our own chapel. With your help we will ensure that future generations of singers have their own remarkable Alma Choir moments. Please give generously to the Alma Choirs Giving Circle!” — Dr. Will Nichols</em></p></div>
  • <div class="lw_blurbs_body"><p><em>“It was a lucky day for us when Will accepted the opportunity to teach at Alma College. The Alma College Choirs have been a focus for our family and the years that Wilson and Elizabeth sang were especially rewarding. Thank you for generously supporting the Alma Choirs Giving Circle, and ensuring that this program will thrive for future generations to enjoy. I treasure all of our choir memories and look forward to many more ‘Loch Lomonds.’” — Pam Nichols</em></p></div>


Thank You, Donors!

Jeff Abernathy
LeeAnn Adams ’79
Kaitlyn Adams ’03
Shannon Ager ’09
Jane Allison ’83
Chris Andrus ’02
Devon  Anthony ’09
Erika Appelt ’91
Laura Asiala ’83
Alyssa Beebe ’06
Bill Beistline
Paul Bergman ’64
Beth Bienvenu ’90
Alicia Blanc ’05
Susan Blake ’80
Melinda Booth ’02
Bill ’60 and Sally ’62 Bowen
Susan Brown ’86
Ashley Budde ’05
Marilyn Budde
Eleanor Budge
Dave Buhl ’79
George Cobb ’60
Jennifer Cornell ’98
Judith Costa ’63
John Malcolm Cox ’04
Susan ’88 and Robert Cramer ’88
Kathleen Crombe ’11
Todd Cuddy
Ann Dale ’63
Tom Davey ’07
Alyson Davis ’01
Nancy Dederer ’85
Cailaen Dinwoody ’06
Elise Dinwoody ’04
Dan Dosson ’78
Kay Ecken ’95
Kali Edwards ’08
James Elsenheimer ’86
William Eremia ’93
Jeremy Evans ’93
Nicole Falkowski ’00
Shannon Finnegan ’03
Cameron Foley ’10
Lynn Fortney ’78
Linus Frevel
Grant Fry ’78
Kimberly Graor ’06
Dale ’65 and Barb ’61 Greer
Emily Haite ’93
Charles Hardwick ’88
Sam Hargraves
Christina Harris ’88
Susan Heimburger
Beth Heitchue
Margaret Hewitt ’09
David Hogberg ’59
Martyn and Laura Hollenbeck
Suzanne Hopkins ’69
Amanda House ’98
Kelly Ireland ’10
Julius ’75 and Janice ’78 Jackson
Sarah Jenkins ’96
Rebecca Johnson ’04
Sarah Jome ’85
Kathleen Kellogg ’03
Ann Kendrick ’78
Christine ’75 and Tom ’76 Kohn
Larry ’69 and Carol ’70 Koutz
Evelyn  Kraynak ’86
Martin Kuustik ’10
Amanda Kuzak ’03
Janine Kwapis ’06
Sara Lambert
Richard Lenz ’75
Zabrina Lindsay ’87
Margaret Lott
Kevin ’00 and Erin ’99 Main
Barbara Mansfield ’63
Brian Martin ’97
Linda Matuszewski ’86
Jeri Maus ’62
Pamela McCarthy ’06
Kevin McCarthy ’07
Mark McCloskey ’79
Thomas McGuire ’08
Sari Mercer ’85
Jan Merz ’75
Kelsey Merz ’11
Patricia Minshall ’57
Fred and Jo Miska
Sandra Mundier
Chelsie Myers ’14
Linda Myers ’87
Will and Pam Nichols
Irvin Nichols
Brian Nielson ’97
Barbara Ohs ’79
John Parsons ’68
Nicholas Paul ’00
Will Phillips
Andrew Pomerville ’02
Martin Preslar ’88
Marna Raitanen ’91
Arthur Rathjen ’82
Randall Raymond ’72
Elizabeth Rito ’05
Kyle Ritsema ’05
Emalee Rose ’04
Anthony Rosenblum ’08
Larry Rublee ’68
Lyndon Salathiel ’61
Susan Seaburg ’70
Amanda Schafer ’99
Carolyn Schultz ’84
Patricia Scott ’51
Delphine Sefcik
John Sefcik ’78
Jana ’04 and Aaron ’01 Simmons
Anne Sleeman ’84
Amanda Slenski ’07
Joann Snyder ’68
Joyce Spalding ’48
Karen Stearns
Charles ’72 and Margaret ’72 Stringham
Richard Stuckey ’53
Joy ’86 and Sean ’86 Tahaney
Shannon Thayer ’04
Sarah Thorndike
Kylie Trepkowski ’96
Michael Trout
Duane Van Duzen ’49
Matt vandenBerg ’02
John Washburn
Jeff ’88 and Dawn ’87 Williams
David Wood
Philip Wuorinen ’78
Matthew Yettaw ’15
Jennifer Zerba

Updated June 26, 2017