The Annual Fund

Students seated at desks working.

There are so many ways for you to give through the Annual Fund

Each time you give to the Annual Fund, you provide essential support throughout the college. Gifts to the Academic Excellence Fund support the heart of the college - learning. Scot Loyalty Fund gifts enhance the student experience for our athletes. Your gifts to the Scot Scholarship Fund go directly to student financial aid packages, making an Alma College education affordable to students who might not otherwise be able to become a Scot. And gifts to the Alma Fund provide the college with flexible, immediate-use resources. Your support is vital to a healthy Alma College!

Alma Fund
Did you know that tuition, room and board only cover 80% of Alma’s yearly expenses?

The remaining 20% is provided mostly through philanthropy. A gift to the Alma Fund provides flexible, immediate-use resources for emergency financial assistance, campus safety enhancements, co-curricular programs, as well as other expenses that enrich campus life. Alma Fund dollars have the same impact as tuition dollars - they fund everything that makes Alma special.

Coronavirus Mitigation and Student Relief Fund 
Alma College continues its efforts to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe on campus.

Testing and mitigation efforts have been enhanced since last semester, as we learn new and better ways to combat the coronavirus. Philanthropic support directed toward the Coronavirus Mitigation and Student Relief Fund will enable Alma’s faculty and staff to continue to provide students with a characteristically extraordinary level of care and support during the crisis.

Scot Scholarship Fund
Many of our students rely on scholarships to keep an Alma education within reach. In fact, 100% of Alma College students receive some form of financial assistance.

Your gift to the Scot Scholarship Fund enables students to have experiences that set the course for success in their lives and careers. Below are some ways your gift could help a student:

  • Presidential Scholarship ~ $25,000
  • Achievement Award ~ $21,000
  • Merit Scholarship for one semester ~ $10,500
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) scholarship ~ $5,000
  • Underwrite a student’s Alma Venture ~ $2,500
  • Sponsor an opportunity award for a diversity student ~ $2,000
  • Out-of-state student scholarship ~ $2,000
  • E-Sports scholarship ~ $1,500
  • Faith Leadership scholarship ~ $1,500
  • Dance team scholarship ~ $1,500
  • Future Teacher scholarship ~ $1,500
  • Performing arts scholarship ~ $1,500
Academic Excellence Fund
The Academic Excellence Fund provides resources for technology enhancements, lab supplies, experiential learning programs and more.

By choosing this option, you can support student learning broadly— strengthening the academic heart of the college — or direct your gift to a specific academic program.

Scot Loyalty Fund
With more than 600 student-athletes on 29 teams, a gift to the Scot Loyalty Fund provides necessary resources for all athletic teams.

Your gift to the Alma College Scots will provide team uniforms, team travel, tournament participation and more. Give to the Scot Loyalty Fund to benefit the entire athletic program or designate your gift to support a favorite team.

Sponsor an Alma Venture
Venture experiences can be research projects, internships, or off-campus study experiences.

With a gift of $2,500, you can now sponsor an individual Alma Venture.