Tartan Talks Webinar Series

tartan talks This series of continuing education webinars is designed for alumni, parents and friends of Alma College seeking personal enrichment or professional development on a range of topics.

Webinars are recorded live to encourage discussion and questions, and then posted here for those unable to attend to enjoy later. 

Cryptocurrencies 101
Presenter: Jonathan Morley ’11
This webinar featured an introduction to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain systems on which they are established. Jonathan is a software engineer in the financial services industry and the author of “That Book on Blockchain: A one-hour intro”.
Recorded June 17, 2021

Keeping it Together: Survival Strategies for Parents and Families
Presenter: Kristin Swihart ’96
Parenting is a challenge even during the most normal of times, but given the political and social climate and a global pandemic it can be extra challenging. In this edition of the Tartan Talk webinar series, Kristin Swihart ’96, a licensed independent social worker and specialist in child and family counseling, shared strategies to help parents and families “keep it together” in times of turmoil. Recorded September 24, 2020

Financial Planning in a Bull, Bear, Bull…Market: Saving and Investing in an Unstable Economy
Presenter: Doug Gross ’77
No matter if you are early in your career or if you are already retired, the instability of today’s market has likely got you wondering what is the best course of action. Doug Gross, a certified financial planner and principal financial advisor with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIP, shares some perspectives and helps alumni find answers to questions they are currently asking themselves. Recorded August 11, 2020

Personal Wellness in Uncertain Times: An Introduction to Pilates
Presenter: Ronda Guimond ’96
The Pilates method of body conditioning is a series of controlled and systematic movements focused on improving flexibility, strength, and balance for the total body. In this workshop, you will learn why Joseph Pilates created this method, how the key principles and benefits of Pilates help daily life, and move through a 45-minute mat workout. Ronda is a certified Pilates instructor and yoga teacher at Plymouth Yoga Room, Vie Fitness and Spa and Core Sport. Recorded July 23, 2020

Personal Wellness in Uncertain Times: An Introduction to Yoga
Presenter: Ronda Guimond ’96
This Tartan Talk webinar provides an introduction to yoga as a practice to support one’s physical and emotional health while reducing the negative effects of stress. Ronda is a certified Pilates instructor and yoga teacher at Plymouth Yoga Room, Vie Fitness and Spa and Core Sport.
Recorded April 29, 2020



Tartan Talk Special Edition In response to the growing concerns around COVID-19, or coronavirus, Alma College invited Paul Burns, M.D. ’81, pandemic leader for the Dow Chemical Company, to host a community session. The talk included an overview of the current information available about the virus, suggestions for corporate response, and a question and answer session.




ABCs of Cannabis and Cannabinoids
Presenter: Jennifer Yirsa Weston ’94
With the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana, as well as the abundance of CBD products available nearly everywhere, many questions are raised by patients for their health care providers. Alumna Jennifer Yirsa Weston ’94, a certified physician assistant, provides useful information on THC, CBD and products containing these substances while also answering questions commonly posed by patients, from a health care provider’s perspective.
Recorded January 24, 2020