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What is the Parent and Family Association?

The Alma College Parent and Family Association is a group of parents of current students who volunteer their time to support the college. The Alma College Parent and Family Association is here to provide parents and families with the resources needed to support their student throughout their Alma College experience.

The Parent and Family Association works on behalf of the college and its students to make the experiences of Alma students and their families as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. The Parent  and Family Association is led by parent and family members of students in each college class. Any interested parents and family members are eligible to serve on one of the standing committees.

Meet the 2017-2018 Parent and Family Association Board

Curtis and Melissa Schultz, Presidents, Parents of Chase Schultz ’18

Don and Shelley Yoder, Vice Presidents, Parents of Mallory Yoder ’19

Connie Bradley, Parent of Jordyn Bradley ’21

Drs. Paul ’81 and Carol Burns, Parents of Ken Burns ’16 and Annie Burns ’19

Robert (Bob) Dwan, Parent of Alexander (Alex) Dwan ’21

Barry and Susan Fitzpatrick, Parents of Brianna Fitzpatrick ’19 and Ryan Fitzpatrick ’21

Jomie Goerge ’89, Parent of Tyler Goerge ’17 and Cassandra Goerge ’20

Cindy May’82, Parent of Brian May ’18

Ben McCarthy, Parent of Lucy McCarthy ’21

Michael and Christy Meyer, Parents of Zachary Meyer ’18

Michael Mitchell, Parent of Rachel Mitchell ’21

Gregg Stefanek, Parent of John Stefanek ’19

Laura Taylor ’80, Parent of John Koch ’19

Interested in volunteering with the Parent and Family Association?

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer with the Parent and Family Association, please contact the Advancement Office at, (989) 463-7245.  

Thank you for your interest in joining the Parent Board! Please complete the application below to submit your application to serve on the board. 

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