The Scot Story Project

We want to capture the stories behind the Scots by asking the question: Why Alma? 

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Stories shared by alumni, faculty, staff and friends are reminders that Alma College is an incredibly special place. The most unique qualities, and those that differentiate Alma from other colleges, seem to defy description in the abstract but often shine-through in stories.

This is why we launched The Scot Story Project.

This is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world to share a story about the enduring qualities and experiences that make Alma unlike any other college. Through these stories, we can help those less familiar with Alma, especially prospective students and their families, discover what sets Alma College apart in the complex and competitive world of higher education.

We invite every member of the Alma family to record a video answering the question, “Why Alma?”

How to Share your Scot Story with Us

In a short video, tell us “Why Alma?”. What makes Alma special and unique to you? What is that one quality that makes Alma stand out from the crowd? 

If you’re finding it hard to put into words, or you just can’t quite put your finger on it, consider these questions:

  • What made you choose Alma?
  • Who was your favorite professor and why?
  • Did you have a core group of friends who made your time here memorable?
  • Do you have a favorite memory?
  • Did you have a great experience with a particular club or organization?
  • How has your Alma education helped you get where you are now?

Keep It Simple. We want your stories to be authentic. We really want to feel the spirit of Alma in your story. Perfection isn’t the goal here. Keep it short and sweet! Ideally, your video should be under a minute long. 

Informal Selfie Style is Fine, but if you’d rather get a bit more professional, here are some filming tips:

  • Film in landscape (horizontal), rather than portrait (vertical), if you can. 
  • Frame yourself from the shoulders up, if possible. 
  • Find a quiet, well-lit location to film. 
  • Keep the camera steady. (A tripod or stack of books can help here.) 

Get Out Your Plaid. Alma gear is not a requirement, but in the spirit of sharing our love for Alma with prospective and incoming students, you’re encouraged to show your Alma pride through your wardrobe!

Once you’re finished with your video, you can submit it to us two ways: 

Text - You can send your video to (989) 330-1322. 

Email - Email your video to

If you need more inspiration, check out some sample videos below: