In Memoriam

Alma College mourns the loss of the alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students who have passed away. This page honors the lives of the college community members whose have died over the last year. Although they no longer grace us with their presence, we hold them in our hearts and minds as we cherish the memories of the times spent together.

Rhea Wark Currie ’38
Shirley Adler Hodas ’44
Janet Cordes Clay ’48
Dorothy Vaughan Mendell ’48
Vera M. Parsons Schroeder ’48
Alfred Lee “Sam” Bush ’49
Nancy Luther Davis ’49
H. Jack J. Knapman ’49
Evalyne Cooley Leonard ’49
Arlie J. Bennett ’50
William B. Budge ’50
Edna Seeley ’50
Christine A. Dempsey Watson ’50
James Ross Anderson ’51
Robert A. Betty, Jr. ’51 
Thomas C. Chovanec ’51
Joseph Slotnick ’51
William R. Castile ’52
J. Michael Bramble ’53 
James M. Wallace ’53
Richard E. Wylie ’53
Jane Lou Kersten Butters ’54
Leonard “Lefty” Gadzinski ’54
Marian Pike Huey ’54
Dennis Kellar ’54
Betty Jane Fowler Morgan ’54
Ronald H. Baney ’55
James W. Didier ’55
James R. Hahn ’55
Don S. Howarth ’55
Lawrence L. Park ’55
Virginia M. Larke Biehl ’56
Donald Godfrey ’56
Alexander J. Homer, III ’56
Young Whan “John” Kim attendee ’56
Lowell B. Lindy ’56
Gerry L. Mayer ’56
Karan M. Pregitzer ’56
Ron C. Vliet ’56
Frederick G. “Fred” Wyngarden ’56
Lillian E Porter Hudson ’57
Richard S. Knowles ’57
Hugh H. Laird ’57
Patricia A. Cameron Minshall ’57
Douglas W. Phillips ’57
Norman E. “Buddy” Walker attendee ’57
Thomas J. Conlin ’58
Fredrick W Immer ’58
Donald Laidler ’58
Mary Jane Beck Larsen ’58
Richard C. Moore ’58
William G. “Bill” Klenk ’59
Donald M. Sinclair ’59
R. Glenn Watterworth ’60
Robert Weinburger ’60
Catherine Booth Carter ’61
Carlene Ann Fernstrum Saxton Higley ’61
Robert L. Streadwick ’61
Joan E. Wilson ’61
William F. Wilson ’61
Mary “Mert” McKim Paton ’62
James M. Grashaw ’63
Louis G. “Lou” Economou ’64
Darlene E. Clingenpeel ’65
David “Cameron” Canton McInally ’65
Bonnie J. Mancour Lynch ’68
Scott L. Wallgren ’68
Suzanne D. Hopkins ’69
Shirley Ford Lindley ’69
James T. “Jack” Roslund ’69
Gregory W. Anderson ’70
Dann Peacock ’70
Margaret K. “Marghi” Odell ’72
Randall E. Raymond ’72
Douglas J. Nikkila ’73
Kathie Sue Watts ’78
Carla Jo Weston ’79 
Nancy Hawkins Nawrocki ’80
Amy Rainsford Stephenson ’80
Thomas D. Weede ’80
Scott E. Beasecker ’83
Hope E. Pinkerton Freeman ’83
Douglas J. Gravelle ’84
Charles Allen “Chip” Gray ’84
Ira C. Hamden ’84
Mark Matuszewski ’84
Sarah Marie Stoll Ortwine ’85
Gregory T. Boss ’88
Mary A. Rawn ’92
William Ray James, III ’99
Erin E. Oglenski Modrzynski ’01
Former Faculty and Staff
Avis Betty Lilian Pyscher (27 years food services)
Natalee Gager Stoner (20 years Gelston Hall housekeeping)
Carolyn Pryor Smith (5 years food services, Joe’s Place)
Friends of the College
Maurice S. Byrne (parent of Patrick Byrne ’85 and former trustee)
Barbara Byrne (parent of Patrick Byrne ’85 and former trustee)
Kristen King Calkins (spouse of Craig Calkins ’01)
Robert B. Crist 
Don J. Dewey 
Cristina Misha Duchaump (spouse of Nancy Foerster ’82)
Joan S. Fraker (spouse of Robert ’49 and parent of Patrick ’75)
Nancy Lou Greening
Marian Horowitz (spouse of Richard Douglass ’68)
Sally Robbins Hahn (spouse of late James Hahn ’55)
Frederick Hough (spouse of Janet Hough ’58)
Earl Jondahl (spouse of June Glencross Jondahl ’69)
Robert David Leas (spouse of Marjory Hill Leas ’71)
Cunard Weldon Moseley (spouse of Mary Moseley ’67)
Reba Murray (spouse of Ronald Murray ’60)
Alan Ott
K. Hugh Rohrer (parent of Mary Jo Rohrer Pung ’86)
Carl Salling (parent of Jeffrey Salling ’05) 
Scott Sheldon (parent of Eric Sheldon ’13 and Timothy ’16) 
George Miles Showers 
Thomas W. Ward (parent of Irene Ward ’15)
Irene Waske (parent of James Waske ’76)
Dorothy “Dottie” Wassenaar
Eugene “Gene” Yehle (former trustee and parent of Don Yehle ’71)