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Scott Dexter


Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


Mathematics and Computer Science

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(989) 463-7234

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Scott D. Dexter is a computer scientist who seeks collaborations and connections in the humanities and social sciences. His most satisfying projects are collaborations: for example, he has worked with a philosopher (studying free and open source software), a psychologist (studying the creative process in programmers) and dramatic/literary historians (producing a digital transcription of a 19th-century actor’s diary, published both as a physical book and a digital edition).

He is committed to making computer science welcoming and interesting to students of every background, especially those who think computer science isn’t for them!

Educational Background:

  • B.S. Computer Science and Mathematics, Denison University (1993)
  • M.S. Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Michigan (1996)
  • Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Michigan (1998)

Signature Courses:
Algorithms and Justice.

My Expertise

Computer science.

Recent Work and Accomplishments

Svyantek, M., Dexter, S. D., & Shew, A. (2021). Now What? Adding Accessibility Midstream. Academe, 107(1). https://www.aaup.org/article/now-what-adding-accessibility-midstream