Dow Digital Science Center

PC Support

Roll up your sleeves, work in teams, and learn valuable computer repair skills through hands on activities disassembling and reassembling a PC.

The PC Support camp includes building-block hands-on technology concepts that help your child explore and discover the world of Information Technology (IT) in an exciting and rewarding way! Campers will explore PC hardware and software and learn components of the computer.

  • Describe what a computer is. Explain hardware and software.
  • Describe what the difference between hardware and software is
  • Understand what components are in computers today
  • Understand why A+ certifications is industry standard
  • Discuss PC Hardware
  • Discuss PC Software
  • Describe the components of a system
  • Understand Terminology related to the field
  • Disassemble and reassemble a PC
  • Group Project PC Components
  • Use technology in the classroom to explore is topics and software