Dow Digital Science Center

Network Administration

The Network Administrator camp prepares your child with a comprehensive knowledge of network systems, including security, wireless configurations and routed and switched architectures.

Campers will learn the components of computer software and hardware platforms, network scripting and Active Directory implementation and support. Campers will confidently describe characteristics and components of information systems security policy management.

  • Describe what Networking is
  • Install Server Operating System
  • Install Active Directory and DNS Server
  • Describe what types of servers and appliances are available
  • Understand why networking is important
  • Understand why Networking is challenging
  • Discuss networking policy implementation issues and scripting
  • Discuss human nature in the workplace
  • Discuss the importance of executive management support
  • Describe the role of human resources
  • Setup File and folder Security
  • Discuss and Setup Groups
  • Setup User Templates
  • Describe policy roles, responsibility, and accountability
  • Describe IT infrastructure Network policies
  • Discuss the anatomy of a Network infrastructure
  • Discuss and Setup Group Policy
  • Map Drives with Group policies
  • Install DHCP Server
  • Install Web Server
  • Discuss Current Network systems routing and other IS technologies
  • Group Project defining the roles of Network Administration
  • Explore some of the many group policies available