Dow Digital Science Center


We use a lot of cutting-edge technology here in the Dow Digital Science Center. Take a look at some of the STEM-focused projects we’ve been working on.

Many different technologies are being used in the Dow Digital Science Center. However we are most proud of the innovative research we are exploring using remote cameras and wireless sensor technologies.

The main source of data connection is courtesy of Cass Air, who generously supports ongoing efforts at Forest Hill Nature Area by providing wireless service to users of the nature area. It is also used in conjunction with the newly installed Cisco Wireless system installed by Alma College Information Technology and Facilities and Service Management. Donated in conjunction with a STEM education grant from the Dow Foundation.

Trail Cameras, Axis Video Feed Cameras, Cisco Wireless Cameras and ATI Video cameras are all in use at the Dow digital Science Center. In addition, HOBO Sensor Units, Arduino PC’s with Vernier Wireless sensors are also being used.

The goal is to get kids interested in the field and exploring science. The partnership with the Forest Hill Nature Area is a prime example of this use of technology and science. the Focal Tree Project is a great way for local students to observe the tree in their classroom, via the internet, and observe changes and the life cycle of the tree year round.

The Focal Tree is being observed using an Axis camera and has a HOBO Sensor linked to the base of the tree to collect the data on the wetness of the soil temperature and ambient sunlight the tree is getting on a daily basis.



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