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Technology Certifications

Technology certifications are industry standard skill tests that allow technicians to demonstrate they know the subject matter they are testing in and are competent to work in a specific field.

How do I choose a certification pathway?

It depends on where you are in your career. It is advised that students start with CompTIA certifications. Once you have established you have base skills for a particular field, you should look at an area you are interested in to become more specialized.

Microsoft and Cisco certifications are a good next step — most people and businesses are familiar with these and they show a good level of understanding and commitment to the technology field.

For more high powered high paying jobs, you may choose CEH or CISSP for security Oracle SQL or some type of odbc database situation certification. Most enterprise environments utilize these services and pay well for certified professionals.

Linux is a good option for those interested enough in open source projects and or network administration jobs. Particular skill sets such as web hosting or server-based hosting solutions are also desirable for some companies.

Other certifications sometimes required by manufacturer can get you specialized skills. A local consulting firm may need a certified Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Brother, Samsung or Lexmark certified professional.