Dow Digital Science Center


The Dow Digital Science Center is pleased to offer the following resources for teachers, students and community members interested in science.

Alma College Resources
  • Dow Digital Science Center - This is a resource for all educators k-12 and College Level professors to collaborate do research and participate on site and in the classroom.
  • Alma College Research Projects - Come see what is happening right here on campus at Alma College’s Dow Digital Science Center.
Interesting Blogs
External Resources for Science & Technology
  • Michigan DNR Projects
  • Mr. Beam Study Science!
  • Math Aids
  • Collaborative Wiki for Stem Education Projects Page - This wiki contains a collaboration of multiple project ideas for many STEM education endeavors.
  • Science Programs in Michigan - find Local Resources near you!
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy! - A fellow scientist looking to improve your understanding of the sciences.
  • - Anyone can code – whether it is for one hour or beyond. Learn how to build an iPhone game, write your first computer program, draw in JavaScript and much more.
  • EPA Students - Looking for more information on the environment? It can be found here at the US Environmental Protection Agency website.
  • Extreme Science - The place online to find the biggest, baddest, and the best in the world of extremes and learn about the science behind what makes each the most extreme example of its kind.
  • Engineering Games - Recommended by Kira and Mrs. Lowe. Thanks for finding this great site and sharing with us. I invite all of you future engineers to check out this great resource.
  • Engineering, Go for It! (eGFI) - From the interactive website to the colorful and inspiring print and digital magazine, there is something for everyone — students, K-12 teachers and informal educators, parents and guardians, and anyone else with an interest in engineering.
  • Exploratorium - Located San Francisco, their website is full of interactive STEM activities, videos, apps and links.
  • How Stuff Works - Articles which explain the wonders of science and lots of other things in the world.
  • Museum of Science + Industry Chicago Online Science - Science-related apps, games, videos and activities. You can create virtual chemical reactions or watch baby chicks hatch.
  • NASA Education for Students - Meet some of NASA’s women engineers, scientists, educators and interns. Check out student features and articles related to aerospace.\
  • NOVA - Looking for science fair ideas, science kits or family science activity, this site has it.
  • STEM-Works - A resource for teachers, mentors, parents, STEM professionals, volunteers and everyone passionate about getting children eager to learn about science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Science Channel - If you have science questions this site has a game, video, quiz or tv show to answer it.
  • Tynker - Kids can make web apps, draw math art, interface with hardware, build custom games and model science projects using Tynker’s computer platform.
  • TechRocket - Explore code, game design, and graphic design in an online learning destination for kids and teens.
  • DNR Resources - Ever wanted the DNR to just explain some basic things about nature? Well here it is for your viewing pleasure.
  • Digital Nature Trails - A look at multiple nature trails.
  • Digital Desert - A map of the Mojave Desert and educational resources on desert climates and areas.
  • Mad Scientists Network - Just a cool site full of fun projects for young learners
  • Ask Dr. Universe - We have asked him questions.
  • Explore science - More Science than we can shake a stick at.
  • NASA - Looking to explore the Galaxy here is the place to start.
  • Science Daily (like a newspaper) 
  • National Air and Space - air and Space Online Museums.
  • Nobel Prize winners
  • Invention Dimension - Interested in inventing collaborate with these experts.
  • Exploratorium - Another Great Stem Resource
  • NOVA online Site Provided by PBS containing research on a variety of Stem topics.
  • Graphing Calculator - pretty straightforward can’t afford a good graphing calculator here’s one for you thank you Internet
  • Guides To simple Machines in Cars - As people perform work, simple machines can make tasks easier by pushing or pulling objects over a distance. Simple machines include pulleys, wheels and axles, levers, inclined planes, screws, and wedges. When more than one simple machine works together, they create a compound machine.
  • Montrose Schools Curriculum of Mrs. Kelly Sanborn.
  • Car and Vehicle Science Experiments
  • Usborne Books
  • Scholastic Books 
Sensors & Data Collection
  • Cell Division Projects
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Weather Sensors 

If you have comments or suggestions for additional links, please contact Dave Clark.