Dow Digital Science Center

Ongoing Projects

At the Dow Digital Science Center, we have multiple ongoing projects happening simultaneously. No matter your area or level of science knowledge, we’ve got a project to suit your interests.

Explore our Research

Alma College is researching and collecting data from several different projects including Arduino weather sensors, which report data back from various high schools. We also track several animal species such as turtles and owls, have live cameras on vegetation such as cattails and trees and collect data from model rockets and exercise vests with cutting-edge sensors called Hexoskin suits.

We’re continuously adding new and exciting opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate with the Dow Digital Science Center.

Partner with Us

Interested in getting involved with the research in the Dow Digital Science Center firsthand? Fill out our collaborative project request form to utilize Alma’s advanced technology in your own classrooms to collect data and use our custom lesson plans to interpret it with your students. Better yet, submit your own idea for research and see how your school can take advantage of our cutting-edge technology and research capabilities to explore your own ideas.