Dow Digital Science Center

Forest Hill Nature Area

Welcome To Forest Hill!

The Forest Hill Nature Area, located in Gratiot County, Michigan, is land that has been set aside for the preservation and appreciate of the natural world.

The nature area has walking trails through 90 acres of gently rolling hills, open fields, wetlands, willow thickets and woodlots. The Forest Hill Nature Area is home to a variety of wildlife such as white-tailed deer, muskrats, ducks and turkeys. The nature area provides outdoor educational field trips for many elementary school students in Gratiot, Isabella and Montcalm counties.

How do we divide the Nature Area into specifics?

We have chosen to zone forest hill nature area with the help of local experts from the Forest Hill Nature Area.

Each location has its own marker with a individual QR code for the location the maker links to the Alma College web page of the Dow Digital Science Center and is a repository for all projects pertaining to the DDSC.

Digital Nature Trail

The Forest Hill Nature Area hosts a wide array of species of plants animals, insects and trees. How many of these can you find on your journey through the nature area today? 

Along the digital nature trail at Forest Hill, you will find QR codes. Scan the codes at each station to read about all of the wildlife found here at the Forest Hill Nature Area and documented by the students of Alma College and the Dow Digital Science Center.

Ongoing Projects at Forest Hill

  • Grebe Pond
    A wide ecosystem in the Forest Hill Nature Trail that is easy for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy and learn.
  • Bee 'n Sprout TV
    Bee ’n Sprout TV is a concept of attracting children to science at a young age. Local science teachers contributing to the Dow Digital Science Center are proud to present the following educational science videos.
  • Focal Tree
    To give real-time and elapsed data on the changes in the environmental conditions that directly affect the male box elder tree.
  • Forest Hill Bird Cams
    Alma DDSC has prepared a great resource for learning about birds. Two Nest box cameras and one feeder camera provide real time observation of bird activity. ********Note these feeds are best viewed in Google Chrome
  • Forest Hill Nature Guide
    Let children walk with nature. Let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life. Their joys inseparable unity. As taught in woods and meadows. Plains and mountains. And streams. -John Muir
  • Cattails
    To give real-time video and select archived photos of cattails growing in Grebe Pond at the Forest Hill Nature Area.
  • Wildflowers of Forest Hill
    To understand how wildflowers grow and reproduce, it’s important to know which type of plant is being discussed. These plant types, of course, apply not only to wildflowers, but to all the thousands of hybrids that have been “made” from them as garden flowers we all enjoy. Remember, every flower is descended from a wildflower (or more than one) that is native somewhere on earth.