Dow Digital Science Center


The Dow Digital Science Center’s mission is to foster high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for all students in grades K-12.

We work with students, teachers, parents, policymakers and the general public by supporting high-quality curriculum and professional development and sharing the many resources of Alma College faculty, staff and students with schools across Michigan and the entire country. We serve as a point of collaboration and connection for faculty and staff on campus and we collaborate with internal and external partners on sponsored projects to improve STEM learning and teaching.


  • Build and support web portal to Alma STEM education and outreach faculty and activities
  • Build communities and collaborations on- and off-campus to support STEM education and outreach
  • Sponsor events focusing on improving K-12 STEM education

One goal for the center is to serve as a point of coordination and connection to the range of resources available – people, places and curriculum (courtesy of the Dow Foundation). These web pages are the portal through which users can access many of these unique resources, including our innovative wireless and remote sensor programs. At the Dow Digital Science Center, we help connect students and teachers around the state through powerful data gathering tools to assist in making groundbreaking discoveries. We collaborate with students and other researchers on a broad range of projects in a wide variety of ways.

Alma has a long history with K-12 education. We want to promote a focus on STEM education by offering opportunities for students, teachers and other interested parties to engage with these key areas and ultimately contribute to the national effort to improve STEM education.