Dow Digital Science Center


Welcome to the Alma College Dow Digital Science Center! Our task is to bring together researchers with technology that helps make their data more powerful and push their discoveries beyond the ordinary.

Dow Digital Science Center

Students look at a laptop in the Dow Digital Science Center.

The center works to aide the researchers with which we collaborate providing them the best technological tools and expertise available. Our efforts are widespread, ranging over many different areas of science. We work with researchers at a variety of academic levels and we assist in a variety of research types including innovative engineering projects, real-world field studies and groundbreaking experimental work.

The Dow Digital Science Center is funded by The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation as part of an e-STEM initiative geared to promote STEM education and address the national demand for more graduates trained in STEM-related fields.

Current Projects

  • A focal tree with sensors that enable users to capture data relevant to temperature, light changes and biological processes.
  • A time-lapse camera focused on a turtle basking log. Users will be able to plot data relevant to turtle basking behavior, such as the number of turtles and their movements correlated with temperature and cloud cover.
  • A satellite transmitter attached to a snowy owl to monitor the bird’s movement and analyze patterns in relation to feeding.

The DDSC provides space for Alma College students and faculty to analyze the environmental data. Large 80-inch monitors in the Dow Science Center lobby provide a consistent visual data feed from Forest Hill Nature Center and other remote sensor projects, including wildlife cameras from national zoos and other locations.

For the Love of Science

Because we believe the betterment of STEM education relies on collaboration, the center offers exciting opportunities for everyone. The real-time data collected from the sensors is uploaded to the DDSC and made available to science teachers in local schools from which they can develop lesson plans. We also offer STEM-focused summer camps for all ages to increase interest among younger students.