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File a Report

You have options — Alma College can help.

If a policy violation has taken place, please use this online form to report the information to the college. If you wish to remain anonymous, please write “ANONYMOUS” in the form for your name. Mandated reporters at Alma College must share their name when using this form.

Online Reporting Form

After this form is submitted, it will be sent directly to Kevin Carmody, the Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator, who will then follow up on them, or assign them, as appropriate.

Other Reporting Options

You can report a policy violation directly to Kevin Carmody, the Civil Rights/Title IX investigator, your supervisor, or to any Alma College official.

Confidential Reporting

It is very important for students and employees to remember that discussing any policy violation to a mandated reporter will result in a formal Equity Grievance investigation regardless of the wishes of the reporting party. If you do not wish to start a formal investigation, please only speak about the policy violation with a confidential reporting party. There are three locations on campus where a person(s) can talk about and report an Equity Grievance violation without triggering a formal investigation. They include:

Private Reporting

All other offices and individuals on campus that hear about a violation have to file a formal grievance report, starting an official investigation. All employees at Alma College (not including those mentioned above) are mandated reporters for matters of sexual misconduct and by law have to report a violation once they become aware. While not required by law, all employees are encouraged to report alleged civil rights violations. The report and following investigation will be kept as private as possible, but confidentiality cannot be ensured.