Campus Recreation

Rentals and Reservations

Rental Process

Please complete the following steps to rent a space: 

  1. Community members must submit a Facility Space Request Form.
  2. Students, faculty and staff must register an event via the Alma College campus calendar.
  3. You may be contacted by an Alma College Campus Recreation staff member to discuss the event.
  4. Alma College Campus Recreation will send a confirmation email that you must review, sign and return. The event will be confirmed when ALL the following is completed:
    • All costs for the event are agreed upon.
    • Confirmation email is signed and returned at least 5 business days prior to your event.
    • If applicable, groups must provide a certificate of insurance.

Advance Notice

To process paperwork and obtain necessary approvals, we require space reservation forms to be submitted within the following required timeline:

  • Meetings, birthday parties, training, and other small events must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested event date.
  • Seasonal swim practices, camps, late-night parties, and large events must be submitted at least four weeks in advance, eight weeks is preferred, of the event date.

Priority Scheduling

Priority scheduling is given in the following order: 

  1. Regularly scheduled academic classes or athletic practices.
  2. Alma College Campus Recreation Services requests.
  3. Alma College requests.
  4. Non-college requests.


All users must abide by the Alma College Campus Recreation policies, including:

  • Children 12 and under must have an adult member or guest pass holder always accompany the minor (guest or member) to the facility and supervise the minor at all times. Supervision is defined by actively engaged, easily accessible and within reach of the minor.
  • Children 12 and under are prohibited access to and use of the exercise machines, free weight area, spa and sauna.
  • Children 13-17 may use the exercise machines, free weight area, spa and sauna as well as all other areas of the facility.
  • Children age 17 and under must have a liability waiver signed by their parent or guardian on file in order to enter the facility.
  • Children ages 7 and under must be within arm’s reach of a parent/guardian when in the pool.
  • Children ages 6 and over must use the appropriate gender locker room.

General Liability Waiver

Facility Reservations

Alma College Campus Recreation includes four basketball, volleyball and/or tennis courts on the main level with options for roller hockey, inline skating, dodgeball and indoor soccer. We also have a fitness room, McClure Natatorium Pool, multi-purpose room, suspended track, climbing wall, or pool table.

We value the importance of booking our facilities for informal recreational needs to Alma students and paying members. Due to this, we strive to offer open recreation for our users during hours of operation.

Group Reservations

Groups of two or more using general recreation spaces are required to go through the rental process by submitting a Facility Space Request Form. For special accommodations, please check in at the main office or call (989) 463-7949 to make prior arrangements.

Alma College Campus Recreation reserves the right to determine the potential harm to facilities or participants and may reject requests. Groups renting a facility are required to observe all applicable policies of Alma College Campus Recreation department, and all local, state and federal laws.

Alma Campus Recreation, Alma College Athletics and Alma College are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced property. All areas of the Alan J. Stone Recreation Center, McClure Natatorium Pool, including the locker rooms, are for use at the risk of the patron.

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received, please allow a minimum of 48 hours or two business days for an Alma College Campus Recreation Services staff member to respond to your request.