Reserving Space on Campus

Event Submission

See the full Calendar Instructions.

All events and event spaces on campus are booked through the online calendar system in order to appear on the calendar and/or digital signs. 

If you are a member of our campus community, you may add an event from our campus calendar. If you are not a member of our campus community, please contact Jenny Cooley to request space for your event.

Event locations are not guaranteed until the online request has been approved. Once submitted, requests are usually approved or denied within one business day, and you will receive notification.

The following locations may be reserved through this system. 

  • Alma College Bookstore: Starbucks stage
  • Dow Science Center: Lobby, Room 132, Room 240, Room L1, Room L2, Room L4
  • Dunning Memorial Chapel: Chapel, Chapel Lawn, KC 1, KC 2, Lobby, Lounge (red room)
  • Hamilton: Hamilton Commons, Thistle Room
  • Hogan: Campbell-McDonald Room, Cappaert Gymnasium, Hubbard Lobby, Jones Smith Lobby, McClure Natatorium, Room 227, Room 228, Smith Arena
  • Library: Basement, MacCurdy Room, Main Lobby
  • Outdoor Areas: Bahlke Stadium, Band Practice Field, Heritage Center Lawn, Iowa Street Fields, Klenk Park, Klenk Park, McIntyre Mall, Other, Scotland Yard Soccer Field, Scots Park
  • Remick Heritage Center: Dance Studio, Lobby, Presbyterian Hall, Strosacker Theatre
  • Stone Recreation Center: Climbing Wall, Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Courts 1, 2,3, Courts 2 & 3, Lobby, Multi-Purpose Room
  • Swanson Academic Center (SAC): B-02, B-11, Basement, Room 103, Room 104, Room 105, Room 106, Room 108, Room 109, Room 110, Room 113, Room 119, Room 132—Provost’s Conference Room, Room 205, Room 211, Room 212, Room 213, Room 214, Room 215, Room 216, Room 254, Room 303, Room 304, Room 307, Room 308, Room 309, Room 311, Room 313, Room 315, Room 316
  • Tyler-Van Dusen: Commons North, Commons North & South, Commons South, Courtyard, Heather Room, Joe’s Dining, Rotunda

If a location from the list above is not in the drop-down menu when completing the form, that means the location is not available at the time(s) you are requesting and you will need to select an alternate time or location for your event.

Event Approval Process

It will take approximately one business day for your events to be approved. You cannot make your event Live until it is approved, and then it will be automatically made Live. Once an event is Live, any changes to the event will make it hidden again and will require approval.

Promoting Events on the Campus Digital Signs

When you are submitting your event, there is also a checkbox to “Promote this event on the campus digital signs.” Checking that box will restrict your title to 50 characters and your summary to 220 characters. All digital signage requests require approval from the Communication and Marketing Office. As with event approval, any changes to your event after the signage promotion has been approved will subject your request to the approval process again.

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