Admissions & Aid

Tuition & Fees

An investment in Alma College is an investment in your future.  

Did you know that Alma College is amongst the best value liberal arts colleges? We utilize five different financial tools—merit and talent scholarships, grants, work study, loans and out-of-pocket contributions—to help develop a financial plan that allows you to attain Alma’s valuable, personalized education.

We encourage you to explore Financial Aid for more detailed information about the financial tools available to you. 


                                         Tuition and Fees for 2019-2020
                     (As determined by the Board of Trustees each February)

                                                      Tuition  $   41,138
                                      Room and Board $    11,384
                                                           Fee $         260
                                                         Total  $    52,782


*First year students will also be required to pay an orientation fee of $350 in addition to  charges above.

In addition to direct costs, students should budget for books, supplies and personal expenses of approximately $1,500-$2,000.

Spring Term Costs

Students are required to complete two Spring Term courses during their four years. Students who enroll in Spring Term courses will have added charges of $1,593 for tuition and, if on-campus, $600 for board. If a student is traveling off-campus, additional costs may apply. Typically, no financial assistance is offered for Spring Term classes.