Admissions & Aid

Transferring Credit

Once you’re admitted, we’ll evaluate your transcript for course equivalencies. Most classes from accredited colleges and universities in the United States transfer to Alma.

Transfer Policies

  • You must earn a “C” (2.0) or better for a course to transfer to Alma
  • Your class must be academic in nature, rather than vocational, technical or developmental
  • You may apply up to 68 credits of community college coursework toward your Alma College degree

Transfer Credit Evaluation Tool

Use this web based tool to guide you in understanding how your acceptable transfer work may transfer to Alma College. This tool is only a guide and all information provided here is considered unofficial. Official transcript evaluation may only be provided through the Alma College Registrar’s Office. Students must be accepted transfer applicants that have submitted all official college transcripts. All courses satisfying a major or minor requirement must be approved by the respective department chair in all cases. 

Course Equivalency Guides 

Alma College offers guides for transfer credit at area community colleges. New guides are added regularly so please check back!

The guides are not a comprehensive list of all courses that will transfer to Alma College. The classes you have taken may also meet major and minor requirements. Checking with the Registrar’s Office will help ensure that you are taking the right courses for your intended major.

Specific Course Requirements

It is common for transfer students to meet a variety of Alma’s general education requirements by completing classes at other colleges or universities. Please use the following description of these requirements to help you select coursework at your current institution:


The second course in a college-level freshman English composition series (some students will need to take the first course to build their skills before taking the second course).

Second Language/International Awareness

A one-semester course in a second language (e.g., Chinese, French, German or Spanish) and either:

  • One more semester of the same language; or
  • An approved course with non-U.S. or comparative international content or perspective

Distributive Requirements

At least 12 credits in each of the following three divisions, with no more than four of these credits from any one program.

Arts and Humanities: 12 credits chosen from art, communication, music, philosophy, religious studies, or theatre and dance; English courses numbered above freshman composition; or the second course in a foreign language

Social Sciences: 12 credits chosen from economics, history, political science, or sociology and anthropology

Natural Sciences: 4 credits from each of the following three areas, with at least two laboratory courses:

  • Life Sciences: All courses in biochemistry, biology, and psychology
  • Physical Science: All courses in astronomy, chemistry, geology, and physics
  • Mathematics/Computation: All mathematics courses above college algebra, such as statistics, pre-calculus, or trigonometry

An Alma College First-Year Seminar course is also required for the completion of your degree, but the requirement is waived for students who transfer 25 or more credits.

For information on Alma College’s courses, please refer to our most recent academic catalog.