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Use this web based tool to guide you in understanding how your acceptable transfer work may transfer to Alma College. This tool is only a guide and all information provided here is considered unofficial. Official transcript evaluation may only be provided through the Alma College Registrar’s Office. Students must be accepted transfer applicants that have submitted all official college transcripts. Please note: All courses satisfying a major or minor requirement must be approved by the respective department chair in all cases.

Alma College is committed to provide all students with the most accurate information possible. To this end, we make consistent and regular updates to courses provided through this website. All prospective transfer courses are evaluated by Alma College faculty and maintained by the Registrar's Office. All current Alma College students must still complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form found online.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of courses that will transfer to Alma College as newly evaluated courses are added frequently.

Utilize the drop down menus below to select previous coursework from all institutions attended in order to view the Alma College equivalent courses.

Transferring CoursesAlma College Equivalencies
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Not seeing your course(s) listed?
Please contact Alma College Admissions, at with any questions you might have regarding classes you have previously taken or classes that you plan on taking.

Transfer Credit Policies:

  • Alma College will only accept courses taken at a regionally accredited institution at the 100-level or above.
  • Only transfer work graded with a "C" or higher grade will be accepted.
  • Alma College requires all students to complete a minimum of 52 credits at Alma College to be granted a bachelor's degree.
  • All transfer credit will be individually evaluated to satisfy distributive requirements for our general education requirement.