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Continue your journey at the center of it all.

When you transfer to Alma College, you choose a close-knit community committed to your success. You’ll experience personalized mentorship from faculty and staff. You’ll find your people with 80+ student clubs and organizations. And you’ll make lifelong friends as you live and learn alongside your peers.

Plus, to support you in your transfer journey, we offer generous financial awards of up to $6,000 to students who choose to live on campus — to ensure it is as affordable as it is fun!




Transfer students in our vibrant campus community
Annual award for transfer students who choose to live on campus


Dining locations that accept an Alma College meal plan

Living at Alma

As a transfer student, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from everything that a residential campus has to offer. Our newly renovated residence halls allow you to put down roots, build close friendships — and enjoy all the perks of a short commute!

Living on campus means experiencing Alma 24/7 — from early morning workouts in the Stone Center for Recreation to late-night dining at Hamilton Commons. Looking to connect with other transfer students? Through our Transfer Living Learning Community, you’ll grow, live and learn among a close group of peers.

The best part? We’re so confident that you’ll love living at Alma that we offer a $2,000 annual award to transfer students who choose to live on campus, creating possible savings of up to $6,000 during your time at college.

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Dining at Alma

At Alma, you’ll never be short of opportunities to share a meal — or grab a bite on the go! Dining on campus is a great way to build connections with your peers, whether it’s a late-night study session or brunch on Saturday.

Through Metz, our campus dining partner, you can enjoy homestyle favorites at Southern Kitchen or pizza made from scratch at Villa Toscana. Or, try something new from our rotating weekly menu at Hamilton Commons. Plus, our Chef Fresh fridges in Wright Hall and the Hogan Center are available whenever hunger strikes, so you’ll always have access to healthy snacks and meals.

Want to try it for yourself? As a transfer student, you can enjoy a trial period of one week to explore our affordable, healthy on-campus dining options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of living on campus?

Living on campus is a core part of the Alma experience. It also has significant academic benefits. Research shows that students who live on campus are more likely to persist in college and typically achieve higher GPAs than those who live off campus.

As a residential institution, we also recognize that the college experience extends far beyond the classroom. When you live on campus, you’ll build close-knit friendships and benefit from an extensive support network of faculty and staff. You’ll be at the center of everything Alma has to offer — from performing arts to football games and wrestling matches.

You’ll also enjoy close proximity to on-campus resources like the Stone Recreation Center and the Wilcox Medical Center.
How much does it cost to live on campus?

At Alma, we strive to make your college experience accessible, affordable and rewarding. For the 2022-23 academic year, students will pay an average of $6,949 per year on housing fees. This covers housing for the year and access to resources like laundry and fitness facilities. In addition, we offer a $2,000 annual award to transfer students who choose to live on campus, creating possible savings of up to $6,000 by the time you graduate.

Compared to the cost of living off campus, on-campus housing is generally more affordable. The average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment is $575/month in Alma, and because of the shortage of rental units, many cost significantly more. When factoring in the financial award offered to transfer students who choose to live in college accommodation, living on campus is typically better value for money.

What housing options does Alma offer?

As an incoming transfer student, you will typically be placed in our Transfer Living Learning Community (TLLC). Our living-learning communities are tight-knit groups that allow you to live with peers with similar interests or academic backgrounds.

Our new TLLC is housed in one of our suite-style, renovated residence halls, offering increased independence while retaining all the benefits of on-campus living. Research shows that students in living-learning communities are more likely to benefit from academic support from faculty and staff.

Transfer students can also choose to opt out of the TLLC and select a different on-campus housing option. Typically, sophomore students reside in Newberry and Mitchell halls on North Campus, while juniors and seniors live on South Campus in either suite-style or apartment living. Juniors and seniors can also opt for Greek or themed housing or apartment-style living in the heart of downtown Alma.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be surrounded by friends who support your success, enhance your sense of belonging and make Alma feel like home!

How can I get involved in life on campus?

The opportunities are endless! Our students take pride in getting involved in life beyond the classroom, from community engagement and spiritual life to athletics, performing arts and academic and professional groups. We have more than 80 student organizations, 10 sororities and fraternities and 31 sports.

We also offer dedicated programming to Pell Grant-eligible and first-generation transfer students through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Students enrolled in TAP can enjoy monthly on-campus workshops and group social events, as well as the opportunity to work with a student mentor who also transferred to Alma.

What dining options does Alma offer?

At Alma, there’s always something new to try! At Hamilton Commons, our hub for student dining, we have a weekly rotating menu, along with staples like salads, pizza and pasta.

Joe’s Place offers quick, casual bites, including house-made specialty burgers, grilled sandwiches, french fries, onion rings and more. Munch Money is included in every meal plan and can be spent at our on-campus Starbucks, along with local restaurants like Block House, El Vaquero, Jimmy Johns and Pizza One.

We also have Chef Fresh fridges located on campus, which allow you to fuel up on healthy drinks, snacks and meals 24/7. You can learn more about on-campus dining options on our dining website.

How much does a meal plan cost?

We offer a variety of different meal plans for students to allow for flexible, convenient on-campus dining.

Regardless of which plan you choose, each will include a number of meal swipes, which can be used in Hamilton Commons and Joe’s Place. Your plan will also include Munch Money, which you can spend at local restaurants and coffee shops, including Starbucks, Block House and Jimmy Johns. You can learn more about meal plan pricing on our dining website.

Can I live off campus?

As a residential college, we believe students get the most out of their time at Alma when they live on campus. As a result, all students are expected to live in college-owned or approved housing through our intentional experiential housing model.

Renting in Alma is expensive, and rental units are limited. The average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment is $575/month, making living off campus significantly less affordable when considering the $2000/year financial award that Alma offers to transfer students. Because of this, we highly recommend that transfer students live on campus.

However, we understand that each student is unique and offer a process to obtain a housing waiver for transfer students who require off-campus housing. Since they aren’t paying for campus housing, students who are approved to live off campus should budget for a reduction in financial aid in addition to not qualifying for the $2000 annual financial award.

Can I test out dining on campus before I make a decision?

Yes. We’re so confident you’ll love our affordable, healthy dining options that we offer transfer students a week to try it out — no strings attached!