Admissions & Aid

International Student Costs

Alma College is pleased to offer various scholarships for which international students are eligible to apply. Decisions are made at the time of admission.

Academic and Fine Arts Scholarships

Alma College is pleased to offer various scholarships that international students are eligible to apply for. 

Academic Scholarships

Consideration for academic scholarships, which range up to $24,000 per year, is based on documentation provided as part of the application process

 Beginning semester Winter 2019:

International Merit





Additional scholarships: 
International Opportunity Award at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid and Vice President for Admissions. 

Need based aid: 

Students can qualify for referral, alumni, performing arts, and restricted scholarships. Students are not eligible for scholars summit awards. 

Fine Arts Scholarships

Consideration is based an audition or portfolio, which can be submitted electronically. Recipients are not required to major in fine arts.

  • Instrumental and Vocal Music — Choir, Orchestra and Band
  • Dance — all forms of dance, but modern and ballet are the most common
  • Theatre — students are able to participate in all aspects of theatre production
  • Art — all mediums are considered
  • Highland Arts — dancers, fiddlers, bagpipers, and drummers

2018- 2019 Academic Year Costs

When determining the total cost of attendance, app anticipated costs have been included based on the current year’s cost information. All costs are determined annually by the Alma College Board of Trustees, and will be reflected in this site once they are available.

U.S. immigration regulations require that all international applicants, who will be apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa, must demonstrate that they sufficient finances to support their educational expenses while in the U.S. Sources of funding could include family support, governmental support, sponsorship, or personal funds. Completion and submission of the Alma College Verification of Financial Support, as well as an original bank statement from the student’s sponsor verifying sufficient support are a required part of the application process.

Tuition & Fees


Room and Board (double room)


Health Insurance


Books and Supplies


Personal expenses


Subtotal Alma Institutional Cost*


*Based on the average awarded scholarship, this is the total amount needed for proof of declaration of finances and I-20/DS 2019 issuance. The actual total could vary depending on the amount of scholarship awarded.

Other Estimated Costs:

Airfare, F1/J1 visa, SEVIS I-901 fees are separate. Alma College student health insurance is required. The amounts indicated for books and supplies and personal expenses are estimates.

Degree-seeking students are required to complete two Spring Terms (May) during their four years. Spring Term tuition cost is $1,533 and board (only) is $600.