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Spring Term

Alma College requires our students to attend Spring Terms as a graduation requirement. Not only do you have fun and earn college credit, but you also have a chance to travel, bond with faculty and other students, as well as make wonderful memories! Learn more about Spring Terms below!
(2019 Spring Term: April 28th - May 23rd) 

Alma College students on the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand. Students studied the natural history, flora and fauna, economics, politics, culture and climate of New Zealand. They spent the night in a traditional Maori settlement, visited the Dunedin Botanical Gardens, ascended the steepest street in the world, stayed at a “Kiwi” family farm, tramped on an extinct volcano and visited several Lord of the Rings filming sites. The students were there as part of the “New Zealand Experience” spring term class taught by Eric Calhoun and Mel Nyman.

Alma students are required to complete two Spring Term courses, one of which must be an “S” course that crosses geographical, cultural or disciplinary boundaries. In other words, domestic or international travel!
While Spring Term also has many exciting on-campus options, approximately one-third of the courses include travel. The best part? The courses offered, as well as the travel locations, change each year. This means you could be in London one year and in Hong Kong the next!
Not only do you have fun and earn college credit during Spring Term, you also have the chance to bond with your professor and fellow students. You also benefit from the expertise of the faculty member who travels with you, as an Alma professor leads each travel course.

Spring Term Timeline

Students can begin registering for Spring Term when they register for their winter classes. (November 5-16, by # earned credits).

Spring term is billed separately from Fall and Winter term. Spring term bills will be available in mid-February 2019 and payment will be due mid March 2019.

Spring Term Fees. Tuition is $1,593 and Board is $600. There could be different fees, in this case you need to contact your professor and request these fees.

Financing Spring Term

Alma Aid is not applicable towards Spring Term but there are still a few payment options for Spring Term. 

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