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Spring Term

Spring Terms at Alma College offer a wide variety of classes that allow student to travel the world or to stay right here on our amazing campus for a month long term!
Learn more below! 

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What is Spring Term? 

Alma students are required to complete two Spring Term courses, one of which must be an “S” course that crosses geographical, cultural or disciplinary boundaries. In other words, domestic or international travel!
While Spring Term also has many exciting on-campus options, approximately one-third of the courses include travel. The best part? The courses offered, as well as the travel locations, change each year. This means you could be in London one year and in Hong Kong the next!
Spring Term Classes Begin: Sunday, April 26th 
Spring Term Classes End: Thursday, May 21st 

Spring Term Brochure

Interested? Take a look at the Spring Term Brochure right on the registrar’s website!
This helpful brochure will list everything about the class to the description and fees! Be sure you are being financially aware of what classes you can afford. 
*Tuition is not included in the fees listed on the brochure.*

Spring Term Timeline

November 4th - 15th : 
Students can begin registering for Spring Term when they register for their winter classes. This will be by credits earned. 

Spring Term Cost 

Spring term is billed separately from Fall and Winter term. Spring term bills will be available in mid-February 2019 and payment will be due April 24,2020. See below costs: 

spring term costs

We often see students and parents not realizing that there is a separate cost of tuition and meal plan after they pay their Travel Fees. Please note that Travel/Class fees are separate form the Tuition and Meal plan charge.


Financing Spring Term

Alma Aid is not applicable towards Spring Term but there are still a few payment options for Spring Term. 

  • Spring Term Grant ($500)(Travel Course Only)
    • No Application Needed! 
      Our office will compile a list of students who are registered for a Spring Term Travel Course, and if any of the students meets financial need category, we will award as accordingly. 
    • Eligibility Criteria 
      • Must have financial need. 
      • Must be traveling overseas (across water) to qualify. 
      • Students are not eligible if
        • They have traveled before as a part of their studies including semesters, summer or previous spring terms are not eligible for the grant.

        • Are or have received the Gazmariarian Scholarship

        • If you have already or will be using your venture grant.  It cannot be combined with the spring term grant.

  • Financial Services Spring Term Payment Plan (3 payments starting March)
  • Parent PLUS Loan (application available Nov. 1, 2019) 
  • Alternative Loan

  • Venture Grant (Travel Course Only)
  • Gazmarian Scholarship

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