Financial Aid


Roughly 30% of students are selected for a process called Verification. Verification involves the collection of specific documents that allow for an institution to ensure the FAFSA is accurate. If selected, our office will reach out to you by mail and/or email within two weeks of receiving your FAFSA (starting in November).




Verification 101
V1: Standard Verification - What you will need!

This verification group looks at the following: 
  1. Household size
  2. Number in college
  3. Tax/income information.


This verification item looks at how many people qualify as living in the household. The following people count as being in the household of a dependent student’s parents, per the FAFSA’s instructions:

  • Students Parents

    Even if the student is not living with the parents, he or she counts as being in the household. You must exclude a parent who has died or is not living in the household because of separation or divorce.

  • Student’s Siblings

    If the student’s brother or sister will be receiving more than half their support from the parent(s) during the academic year, they count as being in the parent’s household.

  • Other Persons

    Other persons who live with and receive more than half their support from the student’s parent(s) and who will continue to receive more than half their support for the entire award year.

    This verification item looks at how many people in the household are attending/will be attending college at least part time for the upcoming academic year. Count yourself as a college student. Only include other people living in the household that are also attending college at least half time. DO NOT include parents who are attending college.

This part of the verification process will require confirmation of your income. This will include items such as W-2s, schedule Cs, schedule K-1s, and tax return transcripts/FAFSA Data Retrieval. See more information below.

If you or your parent(s) have a special tax filing situation (amended tax return, victim of IRS Identity Theft, or a Tax Extension beyond the automatic extension), please contact our office for further information or see below of some examples that may occur.

Other Verification Types: V4 and V5

There are two other verification groups that students can be selected to, the V4 and V5 groups:

  • V4
    Within this verification group, we will need to verify your high school completion, your identity, and you will need to sign a statement of educational purpose.  Here are helpful videos to guide you in this process:
  • V5
    The V5 verification group is one where the students must be verified on all levels.  All V1 verification items must be submitted, along with the requirements of V4 being met.  Please see the above verification groups for further information on these requirements for both V1 and V4.  

All verification groups require specific forms to be filled out and submitted with the necessary documentation. They should be submitted through our Secure Document Uploader. See below to print out a PDF format of these forms!

2022 - 2023  Academic Year