Financial Aid

Receiving Your Aid

There are a number of tasks you need to complete to ensure that your financial aid awards disburse in a timely manner.  Carefully review these and make sure you are on track to receive your financial aid.
  1. Complete application for financial aid = FAFSA
  2. Complete and submit any required documents. (located in My Self Service, Financial Aid, Required Documents)
  3. Complete Scholarship and/or Loan Requirements
  4. Registered full time at 12 credits or more unless approved for part-time status. (Most aid programs including all Alma College funding require a minimum of 12 credits)
  5. Make sure your Financial Aid Checklist is complete. (located in My Self Service, Financial Aid)
  6. If you receive the MI Tuition Grant or Competitive Scholarship make sure Alma College is your school of choice in the State MiSSG Portal so we receive the funding to apply to your account.


This information is being shared so you know what you must do to keep your financial aid intact. It also explains how actions you take or don’t take can have a direct affect on the amount of aid you will receive.

Items to keep in mind:

  • You must maintain a particular level of enrollment by census date each term.
  • Withdrawing from a class, classes or completely from the college directly affects the financial aid you get to keep.
  • You must maintain a certain GPA and completion rate to keep and renew your aid term to term. Details can be found in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy SAP.

Withdrawing - What happens to my financial aid?

Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP


Living Off Campus

Please remember your aid will be reduced if you choose and are approved to live off campus. For more details, review this information on our Policies page.

All students receiving full-tuition scholarships, Tuition Exchange (domestic and international), ACE, Detroit Future, and Distinguished Presidential Scholarships are required to live in college-owned housing for each of their four years on campus.