Financial Aid

Outside Scholarships

While Alma offers many great scholarship opportunities, there are a lot of other scholarships out there. 

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External Scholarship Opportunities! 
External scholarships are not affiliated with Alma College, but we did find some that we thought you would be interested in! 

Community Foundation Locator
See if your county offers scholarships!

Michigan Student Aid Scholarship Search Request
A resource brought to you by MI Student Aid!

Scholarship 101 - Tips and Tricks on Applying for Scholarships.
Helpful tips on finding the right scholarship! 

Financial Aid TV Scholarship Videos!
24/7 online library of short videos. This link will take you to videos about scholarships! 

Financial Aid Data Sharing Policy
Please review this Policy in regards to the regulations of sharing student information with Scholarship and Tribal Organizations. 

Scholarship sponsors may send their information to Please include full contact information including website link, scholarship requirements and deadlines.