Financial Aid

Outside Scholarships

While Alma offers many great scholarship opportunities, there are a lot of other scholarships out there. 

Search Locally First

This includes some of the following places:

  • Your local Community Foundation
  • Clubs such as Rotary, Lions, and Elks
  • Parent(s) Employers
  • Church/Place of Worship (local, regional, and national)
  • Your High School


  • Searches are a yearly process and should start in early November
  • Most will have deadlines in February and March especially local sources
  • If you miss a deadline this year create a reminder for yourself to apply next year.
RULE #1 Never pay a fee for a scholarship service and never send money to receive money.


Scholarship Resources and Search Tools

Community Foundation Locator

Michigan Student Aid Scholarship Search Request

Career One Stop

2022 - 23 Scholarships Available

$5,000 Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award

$2,500 Citizens Scholarship $2,500 Scholarship Code  




Financial Aid Data Sharing Policy - Please review this policy as it explains regulations we must follow in sharing student information with scholarship and tribal organizations.