Financial Aid

Outside Scholarships

While Alma offers many great scholarship opportunities, there are a lot of other scholarships out there. 

Search Locally First

This includes some of the following places:

  • Your local Community Foundation
  • Clubs such as Rotary, Lions, and Elks
  • Parent(s) Employers
  • Church/Place of Worship (local, regional, and national)
  • Your High School


  • Searches are a yearly process and should start in early November
  • Most will have deadlines in February and March especially local sources
  • If you miss a deadline this year create a reminder for yourself to apply next year.


RULE #1 Never pay a fee for a scholarship service and never send money to receive money.


Scholarship Resources and Search Tools

Community Foundation Locator

Michigan Student Aid Scholarship Search Request

Career One Stop


Financial Aid Data Sharing Policy - Please review this policy as it explains regulations we must follow in sharing student information with scholarship and tribal organizations.